Personal Weaving History (finished projects)

A quick round-up of a few of my past projects. I think it’s always nice to revisit where I’ve been before staring on a new project or set of projects. Plus, it’s a nice refresher on techniques and tips/tricks I’ve learned along the way.

Merino and silk herringbone shawl
So cozy and luxurious

Cotton towels
These were made from some lovely cotton still on the loom when my mom gifted me the Baby Wolf, they’re such lovely bathroom towels, I gave her a set when they were done :)

Littke looms
At one point I had four (4!) looms in the house. When my cousins were visiting, my cousin's wife's parents also stopped by and her dad noticed that I had a loom in our living room. Turns out, his parents were also weavers and he had two in storage that he didn’t know what to do with, so they brought them to Portland a few weeks later and I made some fun panels based on the warp that was left on there. I ended up gifting a panel to my Aunt Donna and my cousin’s wife’s mom as a thank you.

Timbers rally scarf
When I root, I root for the Timbers! I ended up making two of these, one for me and one for my husband—they’re super light and cozy and so fun to swirl at the games.

College sampler
So many techniques on this one. Plus, it has a romantic twist, I was weaving it when I was started dating my husband and I hid messages about him inside it (shhh).