Checking Inventory & The Stash

Like most fiber artists, I have a stash, not all my yarn is flagged for specific projects, so when I’m thinking about starting something new, I tend to start with what I have. I also love to collect beautiful and squishy yarn (especially when traveling), so it’s not surprising that my stash has quite the variety.

My next project, however, is specific, I have a theme, a pattern to vary and an end use in mind, so that helps with the parameters. I took a look at my stash and immediately was inspired and started organizing for production (always a good thing for me).

Here’s where I landed:
Pattern: vatiations on twill, using my moms twill book
Theme: Sunnydale (I’m a nerd and I love it, #buffysummers)
Fiber: based on character

It’s going to be so much fun!